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The dangers of drinking and driving have been well-documented for decades. Even so, some drivers still get behind the wheel after they have had too much to drink. The result - serious car accidents caused by drunk drivers.

Rockville MD Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Accidents caused by drunk drivers can result in serious injuries. That's because drunk drivers often don't slow down before crashing into another car. In some cases, drivers under the influence (DUI) of alcohol might even fall asleep at the wheel and crash at high speed into another vehicle, resulting in serious injuries or even fatalities.

If you or a loved one are a victim of a drunk driving accident in Maryland or elsewhere in the Washington, D.C. area, contact Rockville, Maryland car accident lawyer Stuart L. Plotnick. Attorney Plotnick and his experienced legal team at the Law Offices of Stuart L. Plotnick, LLC can outline all the legal options available to you.

Complicated legal issues facing injury victims

There are many legal issues that often come up after a drunk driving car accident. These issues can include:

  • A drunk driver denies being under the influence of alcohol
  • A drunk driver challenges DUI test results
  • A drunk driver blames you for causing the crash
  • DUI test results are ruled inadmissible by a judge
  • A drunk driver does not recall what happened

Whatever legal issues you're dealing with after your drunk driving accident, no matter how complicated or straightforward they might seem, we're here to help you get your life back on track and give your case the attention it rightfully deserves.

How we can help you

If a drunk driver crashes into your car, why would you need to hire a lawyer?

First, it's important to remember that the police officer investigating your accident only cares about finding the facts associated with your drunk driving accident, not whether you're fairly compensated for your crash. Law enforcement's job is to prosecute drunk drivers, not to advocate for victims. Additionally, you and your family need to play your role at the criminal proceeding involving the driver if called upon by the police or court.

Second, the insurance company for the drunk driver who caused your crash has probably already started investigating your accident. That's because they're searching for any excuse to reduce or deny your accident claim.

Third, you only have a limited amount of time to take legal action after a car accident. This deadline - known as the statute of limitations - varies from state to state. And once the statute of limitations expires, you forfeit your right to take legal action and receive the money you rightfully deserve.

As your car accident attorney, we can aggressively investigate your accident, deal directly with the other driver's insurance company on your behalf and make sure we meet all the necessary deadlines. Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first. Contact us and schedule your free case evaluation today.