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What people say about our law firm matters to us. That's because we take tremendous pride in the work we do at the Law Offices of Stuart L. Plotnick, LLC in Rockville, Maryland. Every positive review often represents weeks or sometimes months of hard work. And each testimonial often represents a victory for innocent injury victims when it mattered most.

Many people write positive reviews about us because of the sizable settlements and verdicts we secure for them. We're proud of our case results. But we're also honored when people take the time to write about us simply because we treated them with dignity and respect.

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Honest Opinions About Our Firm

Posted by Tiberiu
April 2024

“I found Mr. Stuart's Law Firm on Google for representation after I was hit (as a pedestrian) by a driver on my way to work. It was a long process, but in the end Mr. Stuart and his assistants (Jackie, Olga) did an excellent job in getting a good deal from the driver and his insurance company. I did not have an insurance, but Mr. Stuart managed to get me a PIP coverage and have a discount on all my medical expenses. As a result, I got (compensation) higher than initially planned. Mr. Stuart and his team have done an amazing job, solving my case successfully.”

Posted by Kelli
March 2024

“My experience with Stuart was excellent. He got me a settlement that (exceeded) what I had expected. He was always responsive and very aggressive with the company we were suing!!! I would definitely use him again and would recommend him to anyone!!!"

"I used Stuart for an accident that I had encountered in the apartment complex where I live. He was very aggressive with the complex as they were trying to haggle and lowball with the settlement. They had even started harassing me and Stuart dealt with them about that as well and they stopped. He really worked tirelessly to get me a great settlement, far greater than I could’ve imagined that I would get. I certainly would use him again and definitely I would recommend him to a friend. He is the bomb.”

Posted by Nancy
July 2023

“Need a Top Notch Lawyer? Look no further than the Law Offices of Stuart Plotnick.
Stuart and his exceptional team of professionals are incredibly compassionate and dedicated to providing the highest level of service.
Stuart is a highly experienced and successful Attorney and Litigator helping individuals through complex and difficult legal issues. Has a wealth of knowledge and always accessible when needed. Prides himself on top notch aggressive legal services. Is professional and timely in providing outstanding counsel.”

Posted by Peter
April 2023

“No one ever wants to be in an accident. In this situation, I was hit twice in a matter of 6 months. I came to Stuart after my first lawyer did not seem to be proactive in his approach to my cases. Stuart, Fani and his team got the first accident case handled extremely well, and then a very good result after trial of the second case, which was complicated because the insurance company tried to blame my first accident for all of my medical issues. Stuart is personable, but moreover, he was great at guiding and explaining to me how to navigate my cases. He is a straight shooter and aggressive. I recommend him to anybody who is the victim of an accident.”

Posted by Jennifer
April 2023

“From the beginning, it felt like a very personal experience. Stuart took the time on phone calls and emails to explain everything in the process and to do follow-ups. He advised on treatments, doctors, etc. My advice in the process is to be PATIENT and don't rush treating. I am happy with my results and would highly recommend him!

Posted by Janice
April 2023

“Outstanding law firm! I highly recommend Stuart Plotnick. Stuart and his team were supportive every step of the way from day 1. Not only is Stuart extremely knowledgeable, diligent and hardworking, he is also very personable, straightforward and honest. I've never been in this type of situation so naturally had a lot of questions. Stuart and his staff were very patient answered all my questions and concerns and were very generous with their time and attention. I am very happy and satisfied with the outcome and would definitely use him again without hesitation!

Stuart and his team are the best!! Thank you Stuart!!”

Posted by Gizachew
March 2023

“I called Mr. Plotnick for the car accident my wife involved in. Mr. Plotnick took his time and answered all my questions and greatly helped me fully understand the process. I would not hesitate to send any of my family and friends to his services.”

Posted by Adriana
February 2023

“After highly successful results, I would recommend Attorney Stuart Plotnick without hesitation. I had a complicated Slip and Fall personal injury case with multiple injuries resulting in multiple surgeries and procedures. Stuart helped me to navigate through the necessary steps to build a strong case and continued his support, encouraging patience over four years through my long and arduous healing process. His experience in allowing the true breadth of this injury to reveal itself, eventually led to the best outcome for my award. Since my injury occurred while I was visiting Maryland, I never actually met Stuart in person, but we were able to develop a friendly and personable attorney-client relationship through e-mail, phone calls and zoom meetings. He was responsive and always personally available to address my concerns and his team treated me with kindness and professionalism as the case progressed. Stuart included me in all correspondence which kept me informed and up to date with his plans, and that of the opposing counsel. He also spent whatever time was necessary to make sure I understood the process, was prepared for interviews and depositions, and quelled my anxiety for the unknown. Thankfully, we were able to settle my case and I did not have to go to court, but I was able to see his confidence and experience emerge in the process. Stuart was prepared and encouraged me to take the case through the court if I was not satisfied with the results of mediation, however he skillfully and methodically worked toward negotiating a generous settlement, resulting in a greater award than the opposing counsel anticipated. Stuart reminded me that my feeling of satisfaction was his primary concern.”

Posted by Laura
February 2023

“I highly recommend Stuart and his team. My experience working with him and his staff was great! Stuart and his team were always willing to answer my MANY questions.”

Posted by Candida
February 2023

“So satisfied with the outcome of my case. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Plotnick.”

Posted by Dimar
December 2022

“This was the first time I had been involved in a major car accident and sued someone else. At first, it was very frustrating because I didn’t know what to do and had a lot of questions. Whenever I had a question, Stuart Plotnick called me…”

Posted by Robert
December 2022

"Without the help of Stuart Plotnick of Plotnick Law, I believe my case would not have had the successful outcome I wasn’t sure I’d receive. I was in a car accident where I was hit from behind. Mr. Plotnick took on an extremely difficult case from the onset that entailed preexisting conditions and brought it to a successful settlement. Stuart worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. He, Jackie, and his entire staff were receptive to each of my requests and, in a very personable way, guided me through the entire process. His thorough research and knowledge of case law was invaluable. If he believes in your case, he will never stop fighting for you. While my case has been successfully settled, I know, should the day arise that I need his services again, I will be in the best of hands. If you need a personal injury attorney, I highly recommend Stuart Plotnick Law to handle your case. Thank you, Stuart, for everything!"

Posted by Anonymous
December 2022

"I highly recommend Law Offices of Stuart Plotnick. I was rear-ended by a FedEx driver. My SUV was nearly totaled, and I was permanently injured. Stuart and his team were very responsive, gave me and my family the time and attention to really understand what happened and then went to work to get us justly compensated for our injuries. Sadly a lot of lawyers don’t have the industry knowledge or negotiation skills to get their clients what they deseve. Stuart has both the knowledge and negotiating skills to get you what you deserve. If you’ve been injured don’t risk working with anyone else. The Law Offices of Stuart Plotnick is the place to put your trust in."

Posted by Willie
September, 2022

“I was in a car accident where I was hit from behind and I needed PT for my back and neck. Mr. Plotnick did an outstanding job advising me through the process. Mr. Plotnick was effectively able to get a settlement more than I expected. They did an outstanding job on managing the process, contacting doctors to ensure all paperwork was in order and communicating the status of the process. I would recommend Mr. Plotnick to anyone that needs a Personal injury attorney. Thank you for all your help.”

Posted by Trevor
August 2022

“Mr. Plotnick and associates did an amazing job representing my case. They kept us informed along the way and made sure that we understood how the case was trending. In the end we feel like we were well informed to make the best decision for a favorable outcome. They really made us feel valued and expressed genuine compassion and concern. I would highly recommend this firm.”

Posted by S

"Definitely, this is the best accident firm. Stuart and Jackie are an amazing team. From the first call, I knew right away my search was over in looking for a personal injury attorney. I am grateful for all their support in helping me through my ordeal. There is no end to my pain and suffering from the accident, but there is some comfort in closure and knowing that with Stuart’s help I received a fair and good settlement. Stuart is very knowledgeable, responsive, hardworking, and persevering. Need an honest attorney who has great listening skills, patience, and empathy? Look no further, just call Stuart."

Posted by Candida
June 2022

"I will forever be grateful to Stuart, after 3 years and 6 months of litigation, we finally reached a great outcome, for the injury I sustained on 8/1/2018. I was referred to Stuart by another Attorney. I explained to him what happened he immediately counseled me, emailed all the paperwork. I needed medical care and immediately I was referred to a Neurologist and Orthopedic for my body pain and tremors I have. Stuart fought all the way through mediation and arbitration. It was a long fight but he did it. Thank you so much. Gracias.”

Posted by anonymous
April 2022

“I was involved in a drunk driving accident in 2019. I immediately contacted Stuart Plotnick and from that first call I knew I was in excellent hands! Stuart took over my case , guided me in great detail and got me thru a very difficult time in my life. I am very happy with the outcome and definitely recommend him to family and friends. Stuart and Jackie, THANK YOU for your fantastic work!!!”

Posted by Valerie
April 2022

“I have worked with attorneys in the past, on another accident, but I can’t say enough about Stuart and his team.  In a word, they were fantastic. Stuart does what it takes to get you everything you’re entitled to with the finesse that yields results. I highly recommend him to anyone who is injured in an accident. Even going through all that I did, he answered every question and gave wise counsel and direction that really helped me make the decisions I needed to for my own welfare.”

Posted by Andria
March 2022

“Overall, I am happy with the way this process culminated. Stuart and his team provided continuous guidance throughout my situation. Although the outcome wasn’t what I anticipated, Stuart was empathetic and took the proper steps to make things right. I would recommend Stuart and his team.”

Posted by Rick
January 2022

“Stuart came highly recommended and I am so glad that I decided to retain him for my case. He was great to work with - knowledgeable and personable.”

Posted by Cecilia
November 2021

“I can state without question that Stuart Plotnick and his team are one of the best car accident lawyers in the metropolitan area. I want to give just do when it's deserved. Stuart and his team was very helpful. I received a consultation and advice that was incredibly knowledgeable and professional. His integrity is on point and honest. I also appreciate how he works with people and care for you on a personal level. Stuart knows the law and walk the extra mile for you in order to get what is fair. I highly recommend Stuart and his firm. I have had several accidents in my lifetime and worked with the different lawyers. I must say he comes highly recommended for a reason. Stuart; thank you absolutely for everything and being there 24/7 and answering my questions in a timely matter and being available when needed. Stuart you are without doubt one of the best accidental lawyers in the metro area and I would "highly recommend" you to anyone in need.”

Posted by CS
September 2021

“Our family found Mr. Plotnick through the recommendation of a fellow attorney. From the first call we knew we were in the best hands for our personal injury case. Mr. Plotnick and his team took the time to listen, show empathy, advise, and guide us every step of the way. He provided the utmost professional, supportive, forthright, and transparent service we could have asked for. Thanks to his skill and expertise, our family was awarded a settlement and able to move on with some peace and closure from a terrible incident. We are entirely grateful to Mr. Plotnick and highly recommend him for your legal needs.”

Posted by Mrs. A
August 2021

“Mr. Plotnick and his team helped our family so much! He is very responsive and professional.  When we had questions, he was so very patient and informative. Great attorney-highly recommend.”

Posted by Zee
August 2021

“Mr. Plotnick represented me and my household in personal injury case. He did his job well and obtained a favorable settlement at the conclusion of the case. Jackie was also always very pleasant to work with.”

From Opposing Counsel
May 2021

“You did a tremendous job for your clients. I am not used to paying this much.”

Posted by Donna
April 5, 2021

“I hired Mr. Plotnick in March 2019 when I was hit by a car. Mr Plotnick did an excellent job taking care of my needs, giving excellent advice and the thing that struck me the most is I felt he really cared about me getting an equitable settlement. I did receive a settlement that I am happy about and I highly recommend Mr Plotnick.”

Posted by Rene
March, 2021

“Mr. Plotnick was extremely thorough with me regarding each aspect of my auto accident case. He operated with integrity and forthrightness. Not only do I respect and honor his work ethic; I would recommend and use his again if needed.”

Posted by Mayur
March 2, 2021

“Stuart Plotnick has handled personal injury case for my wife, he provided excellent service, he was easy to talk to. I was very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Stuart.”

Posted by Michelle
February 4, 2021

“Rest assured that Atty. Plotnick and his staff will get you the best settlement possible.”

Posted by JC
January 2021

“Stuart did a fantastic job with my cases. He was thorough, communicative and gave me excellent advice. I was very pleased with the outcome and highly recommended him.”

5 stars
Posted by Ron
December 29, 2020

“Stuart and Jackie helped me greatly after a serious accident where I was hit by a car while on my motorcycle and broke my foot. From the day of my motorcycle accident, and over the last two years, they handled everything from hospital and therapy bill payments, to getting my motorcycle properly repaired, and finally coming to a fair and good settlement of my case with insurance companies. If in the future I ever need any assistance in a motor vehicle or other accident, I’ll definitely call them first. I highly recommend anyone in need of an accident attorney, to give Stuart Plotnick a call. It will be the best decision you could possibly make. I thank them for everything they did for me. Thanks again.”

5 stars
Sent by Tonya
December 1, 2020

“Thank you for the work you did on my case. I truly appreciate it. Praying that you have a safe and healthy year!”

5 stars
Sent by Daniel
September 16, 2020

"I enlisted Mr. Plotnick's services to represent me in a personal injury case. Throughout the entire process both he and his assistant, Jackie, were very helpful and responsive. My case is settled and I am very pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top-notch attorney.”

Sent by Mike
April 23, 2020

"Mr Plotnick handled a case for me that finally wrapped up last week. It was a car accident that occurred the 4th of April 2019. Stu handled every aspect of the case for me in negotiating with the chiropractor, rehabilitation clinic, defendant carrier, and all other aspects of the case. He was there every step of the way to reassure and provide counsel during what was arguably one of the darker and more challenging periods in my life. I'm glad I reached out in contacting him the day the accident happened because I can imagine things would have gone much differently had I walked the path alone. I'm pleased to report that the case was concluded to my satisfaction and settlement and all is well. My health is fully restored and I'm glad to have the situation behind me now. I'd recommend Stu and his firm to anybody involved in a personal injury case. This guy is tenacious, exceedingly focused and a true advocate for his clients."

5 stars
Sent by Madeline
December 28, 2019

“Stuart is an exceptional attorney. I called numerous law firms and single practicing attorneys to represent me in my personal injury case. It wasn’t until I called Stuart and the Law Offices of Stuart L. Plotnick that I felt that I was heard, could trust that my case would be handled appropriately and efficiently, and would receive justice. Stuart listened. He took time to explain to me legal terms and the legal process, answering my many questions. He argued and negotiated strongly on my behalf. As a result, I am thankful, blessed, and grateful for the legal outcome that he obtained for me. I am happy to call him my lawyer and friend, and would encourage others to seek his legal representation.”

5 stars
Sent by C.N.
December 2, 2019

“My mom was in a car accident that wasn’t involved with another civilian but instead a police officer. I would never thought my mom would walk away with anything. My mom went to one of her friends referral lawyer but that lawyer looked into the case and turned it down. But thank goodness I found Stuart Plotnick and his team. Him and his team worked with my moms case for over 4years. Stuart response to all my emails in a timely manner. Answered all my questions and concerns. He’s knowledgeable and he knows what he’s doing for his clients. He made sure his clients gets what they deserves and he did that for my mom. Highly recommend Stuart Plotnick for auto accidents!”

5 stars
Sent by Christine
August 22, 2019

"My lawyer is the best accident lawyer in the whole of DC area. When he say don’t worry about the case he meant it because he knows what he is talking about. I will recommend this law firm to anyone that needs their case taking care of thoroughly. My lawyer takes your case personally as if you are family. Everyone in this office very efficient and Mr. Plotnick Wonderful!! Thank you very much for all you did for my case, I really appreciate it."

Holiday card testimonial

Very patient and understanding

Sent by Sara
May 27, 2019

Stuart Plotnick is an excellent attorney. My 12 year-old son was injured on a faulty trampoline at a gym. He suffered a severe break in two parts of his leg. It was devastating to him because of the restrictions it placed on his social life and athletic activities for many months.

Stuart met with my son and me and filed a lawsuit on his behalf.  He was very patient and understanding with my son and helped him to feel comfortable during his deposition.  With Stuart’s dedication and persistence, we prevailed, and my son received an excellent settlement. I’m grateful for Stuart’s hard work and for the wonderful result he achieved.

An amazing, very kind lawyer with enormous expertise.

Sent by Karin
December 18, 2018

Dear Mr. Plotnick,

You are an amazing, very kind lawyer with enormous expertise and great knowledge, and you are very precise. Your entire office was very helpful.

Many thanks to them. And I do appreciate your kindness and wonderful help.

Happy Holidays and a good, healthy and blessed 2019!

Life Saver

5.0 stars
Posted by Shannon
October 7, 2018

Mr. Plotnick was recommended by a friend, but he wasn't able to help me. What he did next surprised me. He took his own time to send out emails on his listserv, and forwarded emails from attorneys who felt they could help me.

I recommend Stuart without reservation.

5.0 stars
Posted by Ernest
May 31, 2018

After my car accident, I was frustrated with the insurance and another lawyer. When I hired Stuart, he relieved this frustration. He handled my case with honesty and respect until the final settlement. He's a lawyer that cares. I will not hesitate to refer friends and any other persons to Stuart Plotnick as the best attorney to deal with. Thank you for your professionalism and honesty.

Helped Me Not Worry About The Legal Side Of It, And Only Focusing On Recovering

Sent by Mostafa 
April 26, 2018 

Stuart and Jackie: 

I also wanted to thank you both for your help with handling the legal side of my injury and taking care of everything in this aspect.  I truly appreciate that you helped me not worry about the legal side of it, and only focusing on recovering.  Thanks and have a good rest of the day. 

I Cannot Thank Him Enough

5.0 stars
Posted by Mary P.
April 18, 2018

Stuart represented me in case where I slipped and fell on ice in a parking lot in front of my office resulting in a severe injury to my knee. As soon as Stuart was hired he engaged experts to look at the location and determine the cause of my fall. Stuart's firm and staff took care of all the groundwork, and after we filed a lawsuit against the building owner, the insurance company agreed to a very good settlement for me and my family. He was responsive to my questions and paid attention to the details. I cannot thank him enough for the outcome.

Shakespeare was Wrong About Killing the Lawyers in the Case of Stuart

5.0 stars
Anonymous review posted on
August 13, 2015

I strongly recommend Stuart to anyone needing a lawyer specializing in slip and fall or personal injury cases. I had a bad fall and broke my knee. From the start, Stuart was always accessible, from our initial meeting to the very successful settlement. He kept pushing the insurance carrier for maximum recovery in my case. His communication skills are excellent; answering phone calls and emails without delay, explaining clearly the parameters of the case, sequence of steps in the litigation process and continually keeping me informed as to the status of the claim. We worked together as a team; He was an active listener, valued my input. I respected his legal expertise and judgment, allowing me with a minimum of hassle and anxiety to heal and get back to my life!

Always Willing To Answer Additional Questions

5.0 stars
Posted by Behrouz
June, 2017

I was in an auto accident almost 4 years ago and injured my back and neck, and lost several work projects. The insurance company kept dragging my claim out and offered me less than my medical bills and lost income. Mr. Plotnick filed a lawsuit for me, and the insurance company kept trying to do everything to pay me less than what my claim was worth. After various court fights with their attorney, the insurance company paid me its entire policy, over double the amount it had been offering. I was also able to obtain more money from my own insurance coverage, thanks to Stuart's unwillingness to give in. I would recommend him to anybody in an accident."

Superb Legal Advice At A Fair Cost

5.0 stars
Posted by Brian
June, 2017

I contacted Attorney Plotnick and immediately he was attentive to listening to my needs and quickly assessed my legal situation. From day one, the attorney was generous with his time and expertise. Attorney Plotnick responded quickly to my emails and phone calls and he never made me feel put off or placed below the rest of his workload. I was given superb legal assistance at a fair cost. Even after the attorney finished his work for my case, he was still willing to answer additional questions and offered additional advice! I highly recommend this law firm to anyone who wants to be represented well, and by an attorney who knows what he is doing and only wants success for your case!

Will Fight Until Your Case Is Settled

5.0 stars
Posted by Regi
May, 2017

Very competent service. My attorney for more than 12 years. He will fight for your cause until your case is settled. I highly recommend him!

 Outstanding Lawyer!

5.0 Stars
Posted by Justin
April, 2017

Stuart is an outstanding lawyer! I would highly recommend him.

Efficient, Honest And Timely

5.0 Stars
Posted by RK
March, 2017

I was referred to Mr. Plotnick by a corporate lawyer in the DC metro area. Mr. Plotnick took great care listening to the details of my case and gave me a detailed assessment and explanation of exactly what outcomes to expect, both in terms of potential litigation and/or settlement. He was efficient, honest and timely in all his communications with me. And most importantly, he achieved an excellent result without having to resort to litigation.  I recommend him without reservation.

Guidance At Every Step

5.0 Stars
Posted by Shawn
February, 2017

Mr. Plotnick is a great lawyer. I appreciate his patience throughout my mother's ordeal. We sought his guidance and counsel at every step. He was right on the money in his initial assessment regarding the outcome of our case. I also appreciate Jackie for her professionalism and hard work.

Two Steps Ahead Of The Defense

5.0 Stars
Posted by Jennifer
February, 2017

Stuart Represented me in a difficult slip and fall claim. I was extremely pleased with how the case was handled. He was honest, reassuring, and openly communicated with me throughout the process. I felt that he thoroughly explained the judicial process and the challenges we would face in court. He was also genuinely concerned for my health and recovery. Stuart is a strong litigator who stayed two steps ahead of the defense the entire time and eliminated any doubts. He worked tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome for my case.

Aggressive, No-Nonsense

5.0 Stars
Posted by James
February, 2017

Stuart is our business' go-to guy. My wife and I own a firm that does a great deal of business with federal and local governments and universities. When we came to Stuart in 2010, our business was literally being attacked and slandered by a competitor. Stuart jumped right in and took strategic legal action. He is aggressive, no-nonsense, but also very reasonable. He talks you through each issue and situation, so you know of all the costs and benefits before you take action. He becomes not only your lawyer, but your friend.

Able To Get Nearly 100% Of The Maximum Insurance Award

5.0 Stars
Posted by K
February, 2017

I was in an auto accident in Virginia and tried to work directly with the at-fault driver's insurance company. They wouldn't pay for anything including the required surgery for injuries caused by the accident. Stuart Plotnick was able to get me nearly 100% of the maximum insurance award for my medical expenses, time away from work and pain and suffering.

Delivered Great Results

5.0 Stars
Posted by Mark
February, 2017

Mr. Plotnick is an excellent attorney and I highly recommend his services. His professionalism and experience demonstrated throughout was exemplary. Insurance companies can be so very difficult and he was able to deliver great results for my family and I. Thanks!

Best Personal Injury Lawyer

5.0 stars
Posted by Paul
December 13, 2016

This was my first accident and didn't know really what to do, I was referred to Stuart, being involved in an accident can be very frustrating but Stuart made it very comfortable and he is very thorough and knowledgeable I highly recommend him as a personal injury lawyer, and probably one of the best ones in Maryland

Strongly Recommend for Employment Issues

5.0 stars
Posted by anonymous
October 23, 2016

I had a consultation with Stuart Plotnick regarding my former employer refusing to pay commissions owed to me. He gave me his honest recommendation and I hired him to proceed. He was extremely responsive getting back to me quickly for simple and more involved questions or concerns. He negotiated with the company's counsel and had an agreement worked out in no time. Very happy with Stuart's expertise, advice and result. Would absolutely refer him to friends and associates.

Outstanding Lawyer!

5.0 stars
Posted by Mark
September 6, 2016

Stuart Plotnick is an outstanding Lawyer! I was involved in a serious car accident of no fault of my own. He effectively stood up against an insurance company that tried to minimize my injuries and road to recovery. His professionalism, experience and commitment to me made this difficult case tolerable. Mr. Plotnick's tireless advocacy helped secure a strong settlement for my family and me.

Excellent Attorney

5.0 stars
Posted by Jennifer
August 3, 2016

Stuart represented me in a difficult slip and fall claim. I was extremely pleased with how the case was handled. He was honest, reassuring, and openly communicated with me throughout the process. I felt that he thoroughly explained the judicial process and the challenges we would face in court. He was also genuinely concerned for my health and recovery. Stuart is a strong litigator who stayed 2 steps ahead of the defense the entire time and eliminated any questions/doubts. He worked tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome for my case.

Good Lawyer

5.0 stars
Posted by Seema
January 28, 2016

Stuart represented me for the injuries I sustained in an automobile accident. From beginning to end, he was professional and always made sure I knew what was going on during his correspondence with the insurance company.

A Reliable Lawyer

5.0 stars
Posted by Sha Di
September 7, 2015

After my car accident I knew I needed a reliable lawyer to represent me and guide me on how to pursue my claim. I contacted Mr. Plotnick and met him in his office shortly after. He was very good and communicating all the details of my case very clearly from start to finish and helped me understand what I was responsible for. He would return my phone calls and reply to my emails very promptly. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my settlement and would highly recommend his services to anyone.


5.0 stars
Posted by Roger
July 25, 2015

I was involved in an automobile accident and needed someone to represent me. I contacted Mr. Plotnick and I could not have made a better choice. He guided me through every step and the case was settled for almost exactly what he thought it would settle for. If you are looking for a professional, honest, reliable, trustworthy Lawyer, Mr. Plotnick is the only way to go.

Wrongful Termination

5.0 stars
Anonymous review posted on
June 21, 2015

I retained Atty. Stuart Plotnick on a wrongful termination case in 2014. He provided practical and sound advice, and I subsequently used what he did for me in my case (he presented an incisive write-up that served as a comment to an ethics report filed by my employer) in the second round of Appeal. What he wrote served as a mitigating factor that contributed to my victory and reinstatement in 2015.

Always knew what was going on with my case

5.0 stars
Anonymous review posted on
April 16, 2015

Stuart represented me for the injuries I sustained in an automobile accident. From beginning to end, he was professional and always made sure I knew what was going on during his correspondence with the insurance company. He helped me obtain a nice settlement.

Severance Agreement Review

5.0 stars
Posted by Lisa
December 12, 2014

I was in a panic and needed someone to review my severance agreement fast. Stuart got back to me right away and reviewed my document within 24 hours. His knowledge and advice was extremely helpful and made me feel very confident going into negotiations. I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone in need of legal assistance.

Deep look

5.0 stars
Posted by Randall
October 7, 2014

Stuart did a great job of investigating into a non-compete I had that was based out of Arizona. Explained everything to help me understand my limitations.

Used for consultation on employee non-solicit/non-compete agreement

5.0 stars
Anonymous review posted on
July 24, 2013

Was both very timely and knowledgeable. Clearly understood employment law around non-solicit and non-compete agreements. Had a working knowledge on how my situation would likely be perceived and ruled in a court of law within Washington, D.C. Was good at providing solid examples of other similar cases. Overall I felt comfortable with his consultation advice and would recommend him to others. Very good personality and easy to talk to.

Excellent Litigator

5.0 stars
Posted by Ruth
July 22, 2013

Stuart is one of the finest attorneys I have ever known and I am an attorney myself. I first came to Stuart several years ago when he represented me in a workplace matter. He was very knowledgeable and I appreciated his honesty and direct approach analyzing my chances of success and the difficulties we would encounter in litigating my case. For the last few years I have been a lawyer in my own practice. I reach out to him from time-to-time when I need assistance. He is extremely responsive and has an excellent breadth of knowledge when it comes to litigation. Most recently, he was able to answer all of my questions and direct me on the best way to proceed in litigation in order to assist my client. As a result, we were completely successful and able to reach a settlement of our case quickly without a great deal of expense. I would hire him again in a heartbeat.

Highly recommend for insurance issue

5.0 stars
Posted by Julie
July 18, 2013

I called Mr. Plotnick regarding a health insurance issue. Our insurance carrier was unresponsive and denied claims for over a year and a half. Mr. Plotnick responded to my call immediately. He recommended a simple action for me to take before we proceeded with any further legal review or expense. He did not charge for this initial call. Within 24 hours, we received a favorable decision from this insurance company. I cannot thank Mr. Plotnick enough. I highly recommend him.

Stuart L. Plotnick Recommendation

5.0 stars
Posted by Jim
May 13, 2013

Stuart is our business's go to-guy. My wife and I own a firm that does a great deal of business with federal and local governments, and universities. When we came to Stuart in 2010, our business was literally being attacked and slandered by a competitor. Stuart jumped right in and took strategic and legal action. Not only did he put an end to these attacks, but essentially put the competitor out of the market and we are thriving. Since then we have gone back to Stuart and recommended him to others on various occasions. He is aggressive, no-nonsense, but also very reasonable. He talks you through each issue and situation, so before you take action, you know all of the costs and benefits. He becomes not only your lawyer, but your friend.

Superior Personal Injury Lawyer

5.0 stars
Posted by Kimberly
January 4, 2013

If you need to know that you are receiving truthful information regarding your case, Stuart Plotnick is the lawyer for you. He is accessible, reliable and did not make any promised which could not be met. The service he provided me is what he offered and then some. You can trust your outcome with Mr. Plotnick.

Car accident representation and referral to another lawyer

5.0 stars
Posted by Laura
January 3, 2013

Stuart was recommended by a friend. On the last day possible to take action regarding another driver's negligence, Stuart listened to my case, and filed suit before it was too late. From that point on, he was honest, respectful, communicated often and well. He went to bat for me in helping to recover medical expenses. He gave me sound advice that proved valuable in successfully reaching an out of court settlement. I wouldn't have recovered any monies if it weren't for Stuart's efforts. Stuart also referred me to another highly-qualified lawyer after a 2nd car accident to avoid a conflict of interest being he was still representing me in the 1st case.

Bad car accident, Good lawyer

5.0 stars
Posted by Terry
February 10, 2012

I was in a really bad car accident in 2010. Thankfully I survived, and had a friend that used Stuart in another accident. Once I was out of the hospital I got in contact with him. From then on he was eager to get this whole thing put behind me. He was a pleasure to work with the whole way through.

Quick response and excellent advice!

5.0 stars
Posted by David
January 11, 2011

I have worked with many attorneys in the past and Mr. Plotnick is one of the best. He was responsive, helpful, and understanding of my situation. It was a complicated situation and he took the time to gather the facts and give me excellent advice. I highly recommend Mr. Plotnick!

Client Review

5.0 stars
Anonymous review posted on
October 24, 2008

Mr. Plotnick represented me in an employment case against my current employer where I had not been promoted due to sex discrimination. I had had no success for almost a year of trying to resolve the case on my own. Within 60 days, I had received a promotion and back pay, and medical bills paid due to the stress of the situation. It was a great result.