Verdicts & Settlements

$161,000.00 Award for Client Suffering Brain Injury in Auto Accident (2016)

Award obtained for 52 y.o. male driver who was broadsided when a second driver ran a red light and slammed into his car. Client sustained concussion and had other signs of a brain trauma, in addition to other injuries.  The extent of the brain injury was strongly contested by defense experts.  Original offer was $65,000.00.

$95,000.00 Settlement for Patient/Resident of Nursing Home Assaulted by Staff Member- (2016)

Mr. Plotnick obtained a settlement of $95,000.00 for an elderly patient/resident of a nursing home who sustained two broken fingers when a nurse pushed him to the floor trying to gain control of him. The client tried to brace his fall with his right hand and suffered the fractures during the fall.  The original offer from the nursing home was $12000.00.

$54,000.00 Settlement –Auto Accident , Cumberland Maryland (2015)

Client was rearended by Defendant driver.   Had soft tissue injuries, no permanency e.g. back and neck strain and lost wages.  Offer presuit was $25,000.00 by Defendant.

$78,000.00 Award for Woman Injured in Car Accident Victim-2015

Client was sideswiped by a truck on I-270, had soft tissue injuries and treatment with physical therapist and pain injections. $15000 in medical bills and other losses.  Original offer was $30000.00 by Defendant pre-suit.

$95,000.00 for Man Injured in Tractor-Trailer Accident -2015

Mr. Plotnick obtained a settlement of $95,000.00 for a man whose vehicle was hit by a tractor-trailer in Allegany County, Maryland. The tractor-trailer was traveling at a high rate of speed, and hit our client's truck in the rear, forcing it off on the road and on to its side.  Our client was lucky in only suffering a concussion, bumps and bruises, and a sprain to his back and neck. After investigation, we found that the driver of the tractor trailer had several recent citations for unsafe driving.   Our client was taken by ambulance to a nearby Maryland hospital. He returned to Louisiana, his home state, where he completed his therapy, and we are glad to report, is now back on the road. His medical bills were approximately $14,000.00.

$105,000.00 Settlement for Baltimore Woman: Trip and Fall (December 2014)

Mr. Plotnick obtained a settlement of $105,000.00 for a 70 year old woman who tripped and fell outside of a restaurant over a piece of rope that was tied to a row of garbage cans being used as a makeshift construction barrier.  Our client was walking on the sidewalk near the restaurant going to her car after she and her husband had finished dining.  At the restaurant building there was construction being done, however, instead of putting up orange cones or warning tape, the property owner and construction company simply lined up several trash cans and tied them together with a piece rope to keep people out.  There were no signs. It was around 9:00 pm and the area was not well lit.  While our client was walking on the sidewalk, she tripped over the rope, fracturing her kneecap.  Her leg had to be immobilized for several weeks, and she had to undergo intensive physical therapy.  Her medical bills were approximately $13,000.00

$22,352.00 Verdict –Hyattsville, Maryland

An 11 year old boy sustained a minor bite wound and several scratches on his left leg when running from a German Shepherd who escaped from an area where the fence was left open by the owner, a small store in Hyattsville.  Medical bills were a little over $1300 and there was no visible scaring from the bite.  The Court awarded over $20,000.00 due the fact that the dog owner denied liability and it was reported on previous occasions that the dog was allowed to run free, plus the fact that the child now reported a fear of being in close quarters with large dogs.

$277,000.00 Award D.C. Construction Accident

The firm obtained an award of $277,000.00 when the client, working as a pipefitter fell 2 stories through the floor of multi-story construction project in the District.  Another contractor had weakened the flooring to its breaking point by rolling heavy equipment over the area repeatedly, several days before the fall.  The contractor and others were previously instructed on several occasions not to transport heavy equipment over the area, but continued to do it.  Our client broke his ankle and tore his bicep, in addition to other injuries.  The defense argued that our client knew the area was unsafe before the fall.  Medical bills were almost $19000.00 and lost wages of $16,000.00.

$235,000.00 Auto Accident Settlement (Montgomery County, Maryland)

Our client was driving home from work, when the defendant's work truck crossed the center line of the road and hit our client's vehicle head-on (see our video).  Our client was taken to shock-trauma by helicopter.  He had a concussion, a torn meniscus in his knee, which required minor surgery, and later developed a blood clot due the procedure.  Fortunately, everything turned out fine.  He had about $11,000.00 in medical bills and over $25,000.00 in lost wages.  The case settled once suit was filed.

$358,000.00 Settlement for Sexual Assault Victim-Premises Security

Our firm represented a young woman attacked and assaulted in her apartment due to poor security.  The rear area of the building was not adequately lit at night, and there were no working security cameras or guards.  The apartment was located in an area that had several similar crimes in neighboring parking lots within the year before our client's attack.  The case settled at mediation.

$610,000 Award for College Student Struck in Crosswalk –Virginia

Our client was freshman at a Virginia college.  While going to class one morning she was struck in a crosswalk by a speeding car being driven by another student.  She was thrown over 50 feet in the air and on to the pavement. Liability was hotly  contested by the defendant driver, as he claimed that our client ran out into street without looking.  The client had  a head injury, fractured ribs, a broken arm and collarbone, various other injuries.  Luckily, she made a great recovery and we are glad she was able to return to her school and complete her education.

$99,880.00 Award for Auto Accident, Virginia

Our client was a cab driver who had a vehicle from opposite direction turn in front of her at an intersection.  Liability was not disputed but the extent and cause of injuries (torn rotator cuff requiring surgery, and neck problems) were.  Defendant argued that the shoulder injury preexisted from an incident involving the shoulder 5 years before our accident although there was no evidence that client was having any issues with shoulder before our accident.  The case settled several days before trial after the testimony of the defense doctor showed he could not support this claim.  Client had $11,000 in medical bills and $8400 in wage loss.

$185,000.00 for 92 year old woman

Our client, a 92 year old woman, had her car struck by a another vehicle that ran a stop sign at Leisure World.  The client suffered a spiral fracture of her right arm.  She was in excellent health at the time of the accident and still self-sufficient.  She had surgery to repair the fracture and place a plate and screws in her arm, which are permanent.  She was in a rehab facility for 2 months and lost some mobility in the arm.  The insurance company argued that due to her age, her mobility, etcetera, was already limited, and that because she was over 90, that her life expectancy was short, and therefore here long term pain and suffering was minimal (really; how touching!)  It's last offer was around $85,000.00.  The case settled after suit.

$99,500.00 Auto-Settlement Involving Drunk Driver (Fairfax, VA)

Our client was coming from work early in the evening on Fairfax Parkway, when she was slowed for traffic ahead and then was struck in the rear by an intoxicated/drunk driver arrested at the scene.  Fortunately, her injuries were minimal, but because our investigation founds that the other driver had several violations for drunk driving in the last 10 years, he was subject to a potential punitive damages.  This evidence was presented to the insurance company, who then agreed to pay a much higher value for the claim.