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Sometimes a special, “Thank you” is much better than any fee:
We start off with the noble idea that we get into law to help our clients and solve problems, and that should be reward enough; but as the years go by even though that fire still burns, the flame gets muted by the daily grind, making money, and back and forth with our adversaries. Well, last week I had just the
type of event that brought me back to earth; and made that flame come a bit back into focus. It is and can be about helping people. I was representing my dentist of all folks against one of the big insurance carriers over a loss occurred in his office due to a flood. The loss was for tens of thousands of dollars, but the carrier only offered him around $5000.00. He had to put up about $100,000.00 out of his own pocket to keep the practice running and pay his employees, while he tried to take on the battle with the insurance carrier himself. He reached the point where he was consumed by the haggling and was being threatened by his landlord. Finally, he turned to me and our firm, and after fighting the carrier for 6 months we recovered practically the entire amount of loss. My dentist was elated, he came in off the ledge; but what came next was the phone message that made it all worthwhile. Some things are just better than any fee. Listen

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