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If I am injured in a construction accident, should I file a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury case?

If you are a construction worker who has been injured on the job, you must file a workers’compensation claim as soon as possible and notify your employer or your rights will be lost. Each state has different deadlines, so do not delay. Most construction companies are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. If you make a  workers’ compensation claim against your direct employer, you generally cannot sue too; however, if another party is liable (i.e. a company or contractor other than your employer), you can potentially file a separate injury lawsuit against them for their negligence assuming their actions contributed to your accident and injuries.
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Our Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Stuart L. Plotnick, LLC will thoroughly investigate your construction accident to identify every negligent party. If a third-party is at fault for your injuries, we will file a lawsuit against it, while at the same time guiding you through the complex workers’ compensation process.

What is the OSHA?

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OHSA) is the main federal agency tasked with regulating worker and workplace safety. OSHA creates and enforces various rules and regulations that are designed to prevent construction accidents from happening and keep workers safe. If necessary, make sure your accident is reported to OSHA or the similar state or local agency, and it will conduct its own investigation, which could be invaluable to your case.  A citation from OSHA or the state can be severely damaging evidence for the responsible party in your case.

Employers, supervisors, contractors, and all other parties involved in a construction project are expected to adhere to OSHA regulations. In certain jurisdictions, state and local agencies may have their own laws as well which also reinforce OSHA rules.

What types of injuries are usually sustained in construction accidents?

Injuries at construction sites are often serious, sometimes resulting in wrongful death. Our clients have suffered a wide range of construction accident injuries, including:

The amount of compensation you are able to recover will depend on the type and severity of your injuries. The more your injury interferes with your ability to work and earn a living, the more benefits you may be entitled to through workers’ compensation, and the more damages you can seek in a third-party case.

My construction site is not safe. What should I do?

If you believe the conditions at your workplace are unsafe, inform you supervisor as soon as possible, and follow up with written communication to document your discussion or the reporting procedure. If your employer takes no action to make your workplace safer, you should then file a complaint with the OSHA or your state or local agency.  Do not continue to expose yourself to a dangerous condition and risk injury or even death!

Why do I need an attorney for my construction accident case?

Construction accidents often involve multiple liable parties and different layers of negligence. Injured workers can file a workers’ compensation claim to receive benefits, but this process is more complicated than it looks. Many victims experience delays or even outright denials of their claim. In addition, resolving your claim with other responsible parties can negatively impact your right to receive workers’ compensation benefits.  Our attorneys know how to help you file an accurate claim and push it through the system effectively, helping you receive the benefits you deserve as quickly as possible.

Additionally, many people do not realize that a third party may have been partially to blame for their construction accident. We will perform a complete investigation into your accident to identify everyone who is responsible. If we discover that one or more third parties (e.g. an equipment manufacturer or sub-contractor) were responsible for your injuries, we will file a third-party lawsuit to hold them accountable.

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