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When a child suffers a birth injury that leads to a lifelong disability, their parents are left with not only the deep emotional trauma of their child’s suffering, but also the financial burden of the overwhelming medical and therapy expenses needed to give their child a future and somewhat normal life. Not all birth injuries are caused by medical malpractice, but in too many cases, a doctor’s negligence during the pregnancy and childbirth process leads to a birth injury that could Maryland Birth Injury Lawyerhave been prevented.

No child should be denied life resources they may need after a preventable birth injury. If a medical professional’s mistake or negligence led to your child’s injury, our experienced Prince George’s County birth injury lawyer can help you fight for the justice and fair compensation your child deserves.

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Birth Injury Statistics

One out of every 33 infants born in the United States every year suffer birth injuries. Below are some more statistics indicating the seriousness of the problem:

  • 20% of all infant deaths are due to birth injury.
  • Low birth weight is the leading cause of infant death.
  • More birth injuries occur in large hospitals with over 300 beds compared to small hospitals with less than 100 beds.
  • 6-7% of all birth injuries only become apparent when the child is 1 year old.
  • 12-14% of all birth injuries only become apparent when the child first enters school.

Medical technology in the United States has become more advanced, enabling doctors to better anticipate potential birth injuries and work to avoid them. Unfortunately, even with this advantage, too many newborns still suffer needless injuries before, during, or immediately after their birth.

Causes of Birth Injury

According to available birth injury data, the most common causes of birth injury are:

  • Incorrect use of forceps or vacuum
  • Failure to recognize or act upon fetal or a baby in distress during birth
  • Incorrect use of misoprostol or oxytocin
  • Failure to perform a timely C-section
  • Failure to properly resuscitate an oxygen-deprived infant

Additionally, insufficient prenatal care causes 25% more infant deaths every year than normal. It is estimated that close to 1.3 million women do not receive proper prenatal care.

Failure to perform an emergency C-section (Caesarean section) is one of the most common causes of birth injury. If regular delivery is not possible or safe, doctors must act quickly to prevent fetal distress, uterine rupture, cord prolapse, placenta previa, and other problems that can lead to birth injuries.

According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, it is generally recommended that emergency C-sections be performed within thirty minutes of the time that the decision for surgery is made. However, if serious complications are already occurring, C-sections should be performed much sooner than the 30-minute window.

Types of Birth Injury

There are hundreds of different types of birth injury, but some of the most common injuries are:

  • Cerebral palsy – Caused by damage to the areas of the brain that control muscle coordination and movement. This damage can occur from lack of oxygen, bleeding in the brain, infection, severe jaundice, and other problems during childbirth. Most children with cerebral palsy are diagnosed before they turn 2, but if the symptoms are mild, it can take up to 5 years to make a definitive diagnosis. Beforehand, your child may be diagnosed with motor dysfunction, developmental delay, central nervous system dysfunction, neuromotor dysfunction, or static encephalopathy.
  • Erb’s palsy – Caused by injury to the brachial plexus, which is the delicate network of nerves located near your neck. If these nerves are torn or stretched during childbirth, feeling and movement in the hands, arms, fingers, and wrists can be lost.
  • Shoulder dystocia – If your child’s shoulders get stuck in the birth canal during a vaginal delivery, the doctor must act quickly to prevent injury. Fractured clavicles, asphyxia, internal lacerations, and damage to the brachial plexus nerves are all potential consequences of shoulder dystocia. Infants become “stuck” in approximately 1.5% of deliveries, meaning doctors encounter this problem approximately once out of every 100 births.
  • Hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) – When infants do not receive enough oxygen during the delivery process, it can lead to brain damage and many of the conditions above.

Experienced Upper Marlboro Birth Injury Attorney

Silver Spring Maryland birth injury lawyer Stuart L. Plotnick, understands how overwhelming an unexpected birth injury can be. The joy of childbirth can quickly turn into emotional trauma, worry, and panic over how to provide for your newborn’s condition. Our attorneys have years of experience helping families like yours fight for justice and fair compensation, so you can give your child the future they deserve.

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