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D.C.'s Top 5 Crash Hotpots

Close up of damaged front end of a black car on a city street in Washington, D.C.

A car accident attorney reveals problem areas for drivers in D.C.

If you drive in the District of Columbia and the surrounding area you probably already know some intersections, highway ramps, and interchanges that are more dangerous than others.

Car accidents happen all the time here, and a new study has identified the region's top 5 crash hotspots. The WTOP News Traffic Center recently analyzed four years of its local crash records (December 2017 through November 2021). They found more than 90,000 auto accidents reported in the area over that time. They describe the top hotspots as the "most crash-prone regions" in D.C.

Here are the top 5.

Top 5 D.C. crash hotspots

  1. Virginia - I-66 between Nutley Street and the Beltway

Overall, most crashes happened in the right lanes and were associated with drivers weaving in and out of the merge lanes for the Beltway, WTOP says.

There were 862 recorded crashes here over four years.

About 80 percent of the crashes happened in the eastbound lanes.

Few crashes were reported on I-66 between I-495 and Route 7.

  1. Maryland - Montgomery County Beltway

Most crashes happened on the curvy section of the Beltway between I-270 and Connecticut Avenue.

954 crashes were recorded here over four years.

  1. Silver Spring Beltway - Between Georgia Avenue and Colesville Road

A little under 1,000 crashes were recorded here.

About two-thirds of the crashes occurred on the Outer Loop.

  1. D.C. - Route 295, between Pennsylvania Avenue and Benning Road

The highest concentration of accidents was near Pennsylvania Avenue.

More than 1,000 recorded crashes happened here.

  1. D.C. - I-395, George Washington Parkway in Virginia to the Southwest Freeway's ramp for the 3rd Street Tunnel

More than 1 car accident per day happened on this 2-mile stretch of highway.

Some days, there were as many as 5 crashes recorded here.

About 1,700 crashes were recorded from the 14th Street Bridge across the Southwest Freeway.

About two-thirds of the crashes were in the northbound lanes heading into the District.

Dishonorable mention

WTOP included a "dishonorable mention" list in its analysis. It identifies roadways that are dangerous but didn't quite make the top 5. These roadways include:

  • George Washington Parkway near Key Bridge
  • Baltimore-Washington Parkway's southern end near Kenilworth Avenue
  • 11th Street Bridge and surrounding area
  • I-295 and D.C. 295 to I-695 connecting ramps

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Car accidents are an everyday part of life in the D.C. area. Responsible drivers stay alert and drive defensively. But far too often, even the best drivers can't avoid a crash caused by a reckless driver, such as someone driving under the influence of alcohol, texting, or speeding.


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