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How do I rebuild my life after a serious accident?

Maryland auto accident attorney

Nobody can predict when they will be involved in a serious collision. According to the car insurance industry, the average driver is involved in a crash every 17.9 years. Some people sustain only minor injuries in crashes, but others aren't as fortunate.

Each day, we hear about people sustaining serious or fatal injuries in crashes. We tend to think that they happen to other people, but won't happen to us or a loved one. The truth is, a serious car accident can happen in the blink of an eye.

According to Maryland crash statistics released by the NHTSA, 501 people were killed in traffic collisions in 2018. Approximately 122 involved a drunk driver and 123 involved speeding. While distracted driving wasn't factored into the state crash report, it has become a growing threat to public safety; talking on the cell phone, texting, and other activities.

I was hurt in a crash. What comes next?

Serious collisions create a lot of uncertainty for crash victims and their families. Your life could be changed for the worse or put on hold because of the actions of a reckless driver.

The medical bills may pile up due to months or longer of medical care and physical therapy, including surgery. You may not be able to pay bills or put food on the table if you're not able to work.

Without the help of an experienced attorney, it's unlikely that you will ever be financially reimbursed for the damages accrued from your crash. If you attempt to negotiate with the at-fault driver's insurance company, you will receive a lowball settlement offer at best. That means you'll be forced to pick up the rest of the costs out of your own pocket.

An attorney can investigate your crash and get the facts, no matter how much the at-fault driver's insurer tries to shift the blame.

Your attorney can also place an accurate value on your claim by tallying up your medical expenses, wage loss, pain, and suffering.

How can I take legal action?

You should never attempt to handle your claim on your own. There is simply too much at stake. Moreover, if the at-fault driver's insurance company tries to contact you, it's best not to speak to them. Instead, let an experienced car accident attorney negotiate with them on your behalf.

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Don't wait. The sooner you consult with an attorney, the greater your chances will be of being compensated. In Maryland and Washington D.C., the statute of limitations to file a personal injury claim is three years. In Virginia, it's two years.

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