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Most Dangerous DC Intersections of 2017

Maryland auto accident attorneyRecently, our District Department of Transportation released a report listing the most dangerous intersections in the District of Columbia in 2017.

The analysis had an overall ranking, which focused on the severity, frequency, and rate of crashes. Contributing to this were three other sources of data, that compiled for  total number of accidents involving bicycles, pedestrians, and those involving neither.

Different Dangers

WTOP reported on the top 10 results of the overall data. The good news is that no intersection appears on all four lists, and only two intersections appear on three of them. The intersection at First Street and Union Station Plaza in Northeast D.C. holds fourth place in the overall most dangerous intersections, third in accidents involving pedestrians, and fifth in accidents involving neither pedestrians nor bicycles.

The intersection of Minnesota Avenue and Benning Road, Northeast made the same three lists, coming first in overall and seventh in the other two. Minnesota/Benning is a known trouble spot, and the District is exploring plans to improve it as part of a streetcar expansion. New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road Northeast held second behind Minnesota/Benning on the overall list.

The highest total number of car accidents without a bicycle or pedestrian involved was held by New York Avenue and Bladensburg Road Northeast, which claimed 126 crashes in 2017. This is a significant lead from the second highest intersection, First Street and New York Avenue Northeast, which had 97.

The two remaining lists each topped out at fewer than 10 accidents in their highest intersections, but only just. There were six bicycle accidents at both 14th Street and Wallach Place Northwest and the intersection of 13th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest. For pedestrian accidents, Ninth and U streets, Northwest had the highest spot at nine accidents, followed by four intersections with six accidents each.

These intersections are located at Connecticut Avenue and N Street Northwest, First Street and Union Station Plaza Northeast, 16th Street and Kalorama Road, Northwest, and 17th and I Streets, Northwest.

Further Information

The article posted by WTOP includes the top ten intersections for each list, and an interactive map that may help you adjust travel plans based on your preferred method of getting around the city. We urge you to travel with caution and remain aware of intersections which may pose a particular threat to you depending on your mode of travel.

However, we understand that you cannot control what everyone else using these roadways does, and sometimes accidents happen that cannot be avoided. If you have been the victim of a car accident, contact the Law Offices of Stuart L. Plotnick, LLC today to learn how we can help get you moving again.

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