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How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Use Technology To Make Your Case More Effective in the Courtroom

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Technology can help present information to a jury in a clear and compelling way.

If you file a personal injury lawsuit seeking damages (the legal term for financial compensation), you and your attorney may need to go to civil court to present your case for compensation. This process is called a trial, and your case is decided by a Judge or a Jury comprised of 6-9 persons.

Building a strong, compelling court case can be very difficult. Attorneys for the at-fault party (known as the defendant in a personal injury court case) often do everything they can to discredit or dismiss a lawsuit filed by an injury victim (known as the "plaintiff" in a legal case).

One of the main jobs of your attorney is to tell your story to the court, and nothing can be more compelling or attention-grabbing than an actual “picture” or model, which allows the Judge or Jury to easily visualize what happened. How do we do this? We bring technology into the courtroom.

Today, with attention spans being what they are and people wanting to see in order to believe, technology is a powerful tool to show the jury your case. This is why it's important for injury victims to carefully choose an attorney who knows how to use technology effectively, especially in cases involving a severe injury or wrongful death.

Aerial views of the accident scene, pictures, videos, and animations of your injuries or your car or property damage bring to life what happened for the Judge or Jury and often help them understand exactly how and what happened in the accident and the injuries and loss to the victim. Of course, they often provide real information or evidence that cannot be disputed.

How can a personal injury lawyer use technology in the courtroom?

Experienced attorneys understand the importance of gathering evidence in support of a personal injury lawsuit.

The importance of technology, particularly photographs of car damage animations of how the accident occurred or the injuries sustained, and the medical procedures that the victim may have had to undergo, are much more powerful than the victim or an expert like a doctor trying to provide what can be a confusing explanation of what happened, without the use of visual aides.

Pictures or visuals really do say a thousand words, but unfortunately, many legal cases often fall short without strong evidence and don't succeed if the defendant's attorney picks apart a case due to a lack of evidence.

Studies show that juries and people, in general, become more engaged when more of their senses are engaged. Think about it; what would have more of an impact on you, the victim telling you about his broken arm or seeing a picture or an x-ray of it; the victim telling you about the damage to his/her car or seeing a blow-up of their mangled car (see below).

Examples of powerful visuals can include:

  • Traffic camera footage or dash cam footage of a car accident. Traffic camera footage often must be obtained immediately after an accident before it is overwritten or destroyed.
  • Photographs of a crash site taken at the same time of day during similar weather conditions.
  • Photographs of the damage to the victim’s and/or other vehicles involved

an SUV that has been heavily damaged in a car accident sites parked in the snow on a lot.

  • Animation of the accident itself to show how the incident occurred in slow motion.
  • Slides that show statements made by the defendant or witnesses who saw the accident. This can be especially effective during closing arguments presented by the plaintiff's lawyer if the defendant said one thing but later changed their statement when they gave a deposition or testified in court.
  • Photographs of injuries sustained by the plaintiff or medical procedures he/she had to endure.

an xray showing a broken bone suffered by an accident victim.

  • Charts and graphs that illustrate the number of days of pain, treatment, and days missed from work that the victim had before versus after the accident, that demonstrate a clear difference in the Plaintiff’s health.

Why should I hire a personal injury attorney?

Using technology to enhance a personal injury lawsuit takes tremendous knowledge, skill, and experience. Attorneys need to know which evidence can help strengthen a case and how to visually present such information to a judge and jury so they can easily understand how the plaintiff was harmed due to the defendant's actions.

At the Law Offices of Stuart L. Plotnick, LLC, we have years of experience handling complex legal cases and presenting evidence to juries using the latest state-of-the-art technology. We bring in experts in the field of animation and/or video to bring your case to life. As a result, we know how to approach complicated cases and can work with you to build a strong case designed to succeed.

Put your trust in a law firm that puts your needs first. Contact us and schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney who can help you demand the financial compensation you rightfully deserve. We proudly represent injury victims in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

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