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The Insurance Company's Goal:

Watch Out For Its Own Bottom Line

After a serious accident one would suspect that the insurance company for the responsible party would work to make sure that the accident victim gets the support and fair treatment he or she deserves. This includes your own insurance company. Unfortunately, most insurance companies' priority is just the opposite. They strive to minimize the victim's recovery and settle with him or her for as little as possible.

Remember, the responsible party's insurance carrier has no obligation to the victim. Here's what you need to know about their responsibilities - and why you need an attorney to hold them accountable.

Insurance companies should answer your questions after your accident

When you ask them a question about your accident, they should provide accurate answers.

Insurance companies must keep accurate records of your injury claim

They should not ignore important information about your accident.

Insurance companies should fairly evaluate your accident

Facts and evidence from an accident should be impartially examined by insurance companies.

Insurance companies must honor legitimate claims

If someone else caused your accident, their insurance company should compensate you fairly.

Insurance companies must reveal all the benefits available to injury victims

Your insurance company should tell you if your insurance policy covers your specific injury.

Insurance companies must share all the facts with you about your claim

If your insurance company learned something that could benefit you, it must tell you.

Insurance companies cannot deny an injury claim for no logical reason

They must explain exactly why they denied your claim.

Insurance companies must act in 'good faith'

Your insurance company must put your best interests first and not act in bad faith.

Believe an insurance company's acting in bad faith?

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